NetworkED: technology in education

Yesterday Emma, Helen and I gave a presentation at LSE which was the first in a new series hosted by the Centre for Learning Technology called NetworkED: technology in education. Actually our new curriculum while addressing the needs of undergraduates of the future, was fairly neutral about technology. Certainly technology does have an impact on the knowledge and skills of students, but it can confuse issues or act as a smokescreen to what is really going on. The perception that students are ‘digital natives’ comfortable and confident in using technology does not equate to them being information literate and critical in their thinking. The recent Demos report, Truth, lies and the internet, highlighted this issue. Using the term ‘digital fluency’ it noted that students were not always discerning and critical users of information they find online. It also called for the need for these skills to be incorporated into the National Curriculum and taught in all schools.

Our seminar was recorded and will be available very shortly from the NetworkED website which has a link to a host of resources including the presentation. We also live streamed the event and had a lively following in Twitter using the tag #LSENetEd. Thanks to everyone who came along or participated online.

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