ANCIL audit at LSE

I’m really excited to report that we have just started a project to carry out an audit at LSE of our learning support provision based on ANCIL. Even more exciting is that Katy Wrathall will be acting as a consultant on the project, using her experiences of auditing at York St Johns and University of Worcester during her Arcadia Fellowship. You can read more about Katy’s earlier work on the Implementing ANCIL wiki, where there are two case studies.

Working with me will be Maria Bell from the Library and my colleague Darren Moon from CLT. Of course we’ll be inviting many others to join us and will start with choosing two academics departments to review the information literacy provision at undergraduate course level. Katy is suggesting we use interviews to collect our data rather than a survey and where we can we hope to get the Academic Support Librarians to help out. The most exciting part is that Maria, Katy and I will be going to the IFLA Satellite meeting on information literacy in August this year, in Finland! We are still at the planning stage, but I will report more as this project gets underway. One thing we are keen to explore is how many of the ten strands of the ANCIL curriculum are embedded into undergraduate programmes, how many are offered as optional courses for students and whether there are any gaps. We have already decided that we will need to break down the strands to enable people to tell us if they really are teaching these competencies, so I will be doing some work on the ANCIL model to make it a little clearer and to unpack each of the strands.

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