Four seasons pizza

Yet another food metaphor for information literacy

We’ve been fairly quiet recently – paradoxically, it’s because there’s a lot going on in world of ANCIL! First up, Jane and Katy have been doing an audit of information literacy provision for undergraduates at LSE, using ANCIL to map current provision across the institution. The project is ongoing, and the researchers will be presenting their findings at the IFLA Satellite meeting in August 2012.

In addition, both Katy and Helen have new posts! Helen is working as a Research Associate in Digital Humanities and Transferable Skills Training at CRASSH, University of Cambridge. Meanwhile, Katy will be starting a new post at York St John in May as Academic Services Team Leader.

And finally, we’re just finishing up preparations for our two big conference appearances in April, at ALDinHE and LILAC. The New Curriculum research is (naturally) grounded in information literacy, but has been deeply influenced and enriched by the work of learning developers. We’re excited to have a chance to present our work to both professions, and to see how far each group will perceive connections and consonances between IL and LD – and then discuss whether we can build on them!

Ahead of the conferences, we’ve revised our 10-strand diagram (affectionately nicknamed “the pizza”) to better reflect the learning journey through information literacy as a continuum that ranges from functional skills through to behaviours and values around information.

The four learning bands radiate outwards from the learner at the centre. Starting with the development of practical skills, they expand through increasingly complex processes – establishing an evolving subject context within which to deploy the skills; high-level cognitive operations including critical evaluation, synthesis, and creating new knowledge – and culminate in the conscious, reflective framework that is key to managing one’s own learning.

So, four learning bands on a pizza-shaped diagram = four seasons pizza, right? In case you aren’t convinced, consider this: when you have pizza it’s a whole meal, created out of a blend of ingredients that complement one another – right down to the salad on top of ours. What could be more holistic? : )


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