Rethinking information literacy

This weekend we finally finished the book of this title which is being published late this year by Facet. Emma and I have been working hard but we are particularly grateful to the 11 contributors who have written a chapter on the ANCIL strands. Emma has also written a chapter in addition! Many thanks to: Sarah Pavey, Moira Bent, Clare McCluskey, Isla Kuhn, Libby Tilley, Andy Priestner, Lyn Parker, Helen Webster, Geoff Walton and Jamie Cleland. Special thanks to Katy Wrathall who has also written the Afterward. What an achievement and work will start work soon on planning the launch party! As if this is not enough Emma and I are speaking at CILIP on Thursday at the executive briefing on information literacy.

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1 Response to Rethinking information literacy

  1. elenizazani says:

    Well done! I am looking forward to reading your new book!

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