ANCIL across the Atlantic

Please excuse us while we blow our own trumpet

Please excuse us while we blow our own trumpet

We’re honoured (and excited) that ANCIL was chosen as one of four significant UK information literacy models described in detail by Justine Martin in her report, Learning from Recent British Information Literacy Models, which was submitted recently to ACRL’s Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education Task Force in preparation for a revision of the Standards.

Justine carried out extensive research for this report, not only studying the four IL models in great depth but also conducting interviews with 11 of the authors. The models she chose were

  • SCONUL’s 2011 revision of the Seven Pillars
  • National Information Literacy Framework Scotland
  • Information Literacy Framework for Wales

Justine’s analysis identifies a number of elements common to all four frameworks, the two most significant being “the need for holistic, flexible frameworks and information as integral to learning” (6). She writes that

The model authors are not the first to advocate for a holistic, flexible process that embeds information literacy into learning environments, but their documentation provides direction in how this paradigm, with the two interrelated categories, can be achieved. (7)

And the report notes that ANCIL is unique in explicitly including a focus on transition. Justine suggests that

The transition strands in the ANCIL model help raise awareness about instructor and employer expectations through reflection and self-assessment outcomes and activities. Furthermore, transitions are not limited to social environments; the authors also see transitions in terms of helping students move from dependent to independent learner. By outlining transitional learning outcomes, information literacy practitioners can close the gap between expectations and students’ actual skill, while increasing students’ critical thinking and cognitive skills. (21-2)

It’s incredibly exciting to see our work highlighted alongside high-profile and established frameworks, but it’s even more elating to have it explored and analysed systematically and rigorously to such a high standard. We may need to put that trumpet down now and have a glass of wine to celebrate!

Image credit: mawel on, CC BY-NC 2.0

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