Rethinking Information literacy

Emma and I presented at the ARLG / CDG West Midlands event at University of Warwick today which was about librarians as teachers. Our slides are available online :

It was our first joint keynote based on ANCIL for a while although we are both doing separate talks at the end of the month. I think we managed to pull it off quite seamlessly. Comments very welcome as we hope some of the delegates from today’s session will be checking out the resources on this blog. We would love to hear from you. Do you think information literacy can be taught or is learnt? Is it a skill or competency? And what might the role of the librarian as teacher be in the future?

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Jane, Thanks for your presentation. It demonstrates very well how we, as librarians, need to facilitate the learning of information literacy. We can teach how to use a subject index and how to search a website and through teaching it is learnt.

    My role is changing all the time as teachers begin to understand that I am able to support what they do and am not a threat. New challenges are being presented all the time. For example I am invited to talk to yr12 students next week about a research topic they have just completed. This is turning my usual talk on its head as I am usually there to talk at the beginning. This enables me to point out resources that they have not used and the type of information they could of found. We did this deliberately as they do have an important piece of research coming up and this was the practice for that . Hopefully it will demonstrate that if they had come into the library and talked to me they would have found the information that they needed or even something they didn’t even know they needed 🙂

    If we can embed information literacy into schools our roles will change as I feel collaboration with the teachers will become part of the school routine.

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